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Austro Control Examinations

Austro Control Examination Guide

Since June 2020 Global Aviation S.A. is offering to all EASA student pilots the option to participate in the Austro Control examinations at their ground school facilities in Athens, Greece. Global Aviation S.A. is part of the large network of Austro Control examination centers, providing a strong and flexible advantage to all its students. The examination center is located in the School’s Headquarters, 98 Athinon Av. Athens, Greece. 

Registration process
  1. The Austro Control Examination Guide can be downloaded here.

  2. The application form for Airplanes can be downloaded here. At the end of the application form, applicants must opt for either ECQB7 or ECQB2020 question banks.

  3. The application form for Helicopters can be downloaded here.

  4. The applicant’s information must only be filled-in digitally. Handwritten forms will not be accepted by Austro control.

  5. Examinees that have had at least one sitting in Austro Control before 01.04.2021 reserve the right to continue with ECQB7 or switch to ECQB2020. Please note that the change to the new ECQB2020 is irreversible and going back to ECQB7 from ECQB2020 is not an option. For examinees that will have their first sitting in Austro Control after 01.04.2021, only the option of the ECQB2020 question bank is available.

  6. The applicant must choose the subjects for the upcoming sitting and save the application as a .PDF file.

  7. Global Aviation S.A. students must send the digital application form to exams@globalaviationsa.com

  8. Applicants that are non-Global Aviation S.A. students must hand-sign the application form and have the HT/CTKI of their ATO, stamp and sign it. A scanned copy of the application form must be emailed to exams@globalaviationsa.com, along with a copy of a valid identification document (ID-card or passport).

  9. The application process must be completed before the deadline of the registration period. Applicants can only participate in the upcoming examination sitting.

  10. The original stamped and signed form must be be presented on the day of the examination.

Registration process
EASA ATPL(A) License Conversion
  1.  The application form for EASA ATPL(A) License Conversion can be downloaded here.

  2. The applicant’s information must only be filled-in digitally. Handwritten forms will not be accepted by Austro control.

  3. The application form must be emailed to examinations@austrocontrol.at along with a copy of a valid identification document (ID-card or passport).

  4. The applicants must include a scan of the last few pages of their logbook for confirmation of their flight experience.

  5. Austro Control will examine if the applicants meet the requirements for ATPL(A) license conversion and send their response to them. The applicant must then forward this response to exams@globalaviationsa.com along with all the relative documents.

  6. The applicants finally must complete digitally the ATPL(A)-CPL(A)-IR(A)-EIR/CBIR(A)-LAPL(A)-PPL(A) application form that can be downloaded here and send it to exams@globalaviationsa.com

After the completion of the registration (All applicants):
  1. The applicant will receive a confirmation email with the payment options.

  2. Following the payment, a transaction receipt must be emailed to exams@globalaviationsa.com. When the payment is verified the applicant will receive a final confirmation email for their participation in the sitting along with the dates and hours of the examinations.

  3. The original copies of the signed application form and the confirmation receipt must be presented at the examination center along with a valid identification document (ID-card or passport) that can prove the applicant’s identity.

NOTE: A new examination application form must be prepared before every sitting. The EASA ATPL(A) License Conversion application form is only sent once to Austro Control before the first sitting.

Austro Control Examination Guide

The Austro Control Examination Guide can be downloaded here.

Application Forms

The application forms for Airplanes and Helicopters can be downloaded here.

Examination Cost

The fees will be listed here below and are per theory exam (per subject each time):

  • Airplanes €50
  • Helicopters €50
Austro Control Examination Schedule

The sittings under normal conditions are scheduled once every month. The dates may change without notice, so applicants must always check the current dates before applying for exams. The registration period of an upcoming sitting starts the day after the completion of the previous sitting and ends 14 days before the first day of the upcoming one.

Announced sittings and registration dates:

  • Sitting
    Start date
    Registration Period
  • September 2021
    September 20, 2021
    Aug 28, 2021 - Sept 6, 2021
  • October 2021
    October 18, 2021
    Sept 24, 2021 - Oct 4, 2021
  • November 2021
    November 15, 2021
    Oct 22, 2021 - Nov 1, 2021
  • December 2021
    December 13, 2021
    Nov 19, 2021 - Nov 29, 2021
Sitting schedule

The subjects are spread over 5 consecutive days. The exact time of the exams depend on the total number of applications and all applicants will be notified individually by email after the completion of their registration process. The students will be registered into one of the following time slots:

  • 10:00 - 12:00 
  • 12:30 - 14:00 
  • 14:30 - 15:30 
  • 16:00 - 17:00
  • Once announced, dates and times of the examination are final and cannot be altered by the applicants.
  • Global Aviation S.A. reserves the right to transfer the sitting or change the announced examination dates for reasons of force majeure. The applicants will be notified on time and given the choice to reschedule for a future sitting.
  • After booking for a specific sitting the applicants cannot cancel their registration and request a refund.
  • In case of sitting cancellation without applicant’s responsibility, payments are not lost and applicants can book for a future sitting or request a refund.
Important Announcements


Unfortunately despite our efforts the December sitting has been cancelled. The next sitting will take place on 25 January 2021.

If you wish to keep your seat for the January sitting, please do not respond to this email, and your application will be automatically transferred to the January sitting. I you wish to change the subjects in your application then please resend your new application as a response to this email. This must be done the latest by 31/12/2020.

Applicants that have cancelled their registrations in the December sitting due to the date change can resend their applications the latest by 31/12/2020 and can reserve back their seats. Requests received after 31/12/2020 will wait for priority along with all other new registrations and may fail to find a seat due to the large number of transfers from previous cancelled sittings.

If you wish to cancel your participation please send a response to this email by 30/12/2020 stating clearly that you do not wish to participate in the January 2021 sitting. All participants that have already paid for the December exams and do not wish to participate in the January sitting will be given the options of either a refund or credits for a future sitting.


Austro Control GmbH will postpone the changeover in the area of pilot examinations (CPL; IR; ATPL) to ECQB2020 to 01.04.2021
Based on the current pandemic developments and the associated partial closures of examination centres, we would like to give candidates who were still trained under the ECQB6 syllabus the opportunity to start their examinations under the same syllabus.
As a result, all students who start their pilot examinations on or after 01.04.2021 will have to take them using the questions from ECQB 2020. Students who have already started their examinations before this date can still complete their set of exams until 31.01.2022 (as the last possible examination day) using the current ECQB. 
As of 01.02.2022, only examinations based on the ECQB 2020 are generally possible for examinations already started and new examination entries. Candidates who have started under the current ECQB and have not completed their examinations by 31.01.2022 must continue their examinations under ECQB 2020 from 01.02.2022. In general, candidates who have already started under the current ECQB will also be able to continue their examinations from 01.04.2021 based on the syllabus and question database of ECQB 2020, a change is possible at any time. Please note, however, that after a change to ECQB 2020 and its syllabus, a change to the old system / under the old syllabus is no longer possible. 
Further information on the ECQB and the changeover to the new syllabuses can be found at: https://www.easa.europa.eu/domains/aircrew-and-medical/european-central-question-bank-ecqb


Austro Control has announced that the use of the electronic flight computer ASA CX-3 has been prohibited from all Austro Control examination centers. Participants are allowed to use only the analog E6B/CRP5 flight computers during the exams.



For further clarifications and queries please contact Global Aviation S.A. at exams@globalaviationsa.com.



What are the benefits of sitting my exams with Austro Control?

Aside from the obvious cost and convenience, the major benefit is that you are keeping your options open to the possibility of acquiring an EASA licence, compared to other less flexible and costly systems.

Can I change to Austro Control if I have already started with NL, CAA, BE CAA, UK CAA or elsewhere?

Due to the special situation of the UK exam results which have been taken under the CAA UK can be transfered to Austro Control (until December 31st 2020). All we need is the result report. This is free of charge.

If I have already started doing my exams with any other EU CAA and wish to change to Austro Control do I have to wait for my 18 months to run out before I start with Austro Control?

No, this is a specific ruling and so cannot be applied when starting in another state.

How often will the sittings for Austro Control be scheduled at Global Aviation S.A.?

In normal circumstances there will be one sitting each month.

How can you make an appeal during the exam?

Questions can only be appealed during the exam. Appeals are no longer possible once the exam is finished and the participant logs out of the exam app. There is a comment function integrated into the app which makes it easy for the students to appeal any faulty questions.

I am a PPL holder. Do I have any subjects credited?

No, unless you have an Instrument Rating. If so, you are excluded from the IFR Communications examination.

Is the process the same for conversion students?

There is a special form for ATPL conversions:


They have to fill in part 2 and 3 and have to send the application along with the last pages of their log book as evidence that all the information is correct to examination@austrocontrol.at. We will than check if all the requirements are met and if so we will confirm the completeness so that the student can apply for an examination appointment. We are obliged to ask the examinee to present the original log books at their first day of exams and we will be crosschecking the data provided on the application.