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Solidarity Programme

Global Aviation Solidarity Programme

The coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on demand for air travel. Airlines around the world have been hit tremendously and, as a result, pilots and cabin crew personnel, among others have been furloughed. 

Being a proud member of the large aviation family for almost 25 years, we feel obligated to do everything in our power to help and support pilots and other aviation personnel through these difficult times, which we are confident will pass as the industry recovers and demand for air travel picks-up again.

With that in mind, we are taking specific steps to support furloughed pilots as well as recent graduate pilots who have not secured their first job, that include:


  1. Offering pilots refresh training and license revalidation services at significantly discounted prices.

  2. Offering pilots with training experience the opportunity to join our team of flight, synthetic and theoretical instructors until they can return to their airline roles.

  3. Providing pilots with career guidance and support via target online seminars.

  4. Help pilots looking for positions, with interview and assessment preparation, as positions start to open-up again.

  5. Providing student pilots (incl. MPL and ATP courses), whose training courses have been suspended or cancelled, the opportunity to continue their training towards their EASA commercial pilot license, by offering them credit for training already completed and special prices for the remaining training necessary.

Above all, our message to all aviation personnel going through these hard times during this pandemic is:


"Stay Safe, Stay Current, Stay United"


To find out more about the Global Aviation Solidarity Programme and information on training credits and costs  please contact our dedicated personnel at solidarity@globalaviationsa.com and +302296081154.