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Airline Pilot Club

The Airline Pilot Club (APC) provides unrivalled expertise and industry knowledge through its founders Captain Andy O’Shea and Captain Petter Hornfeldt. Our core values are honesty and the pursuit of excellence.

Our objective is to use our experience and knowledge to help, advise and protect our members and their families while on the journey to being an airline pilot. We want to empower, educate, and connect you to excellent people and organisations in the industry.

Our aim is to strive for excellence in our own standards and to instil the same culture in our members. We will help you:

  • Learn about your own abilities before making any investment in pilot training through APC’s unique and exclusive, AON developed, Indicative Assessment
  • Choose the best flying school for your training. Based on our extensive, credible, and long-standing industry experience, we will only recommend the best ATOs and partners to our members
  • Provide you access to a range of experts, products, and discounts to protect your investment and help you along your pathway.

Our 8-step guide to becoming an airline pilot will help you successfully complete your journey to your dream career.

The APC Indicative Assessment

APC has worked with the experts in Airline Pilot assessment, AON Assessment Solutions to create the Indicative Assessment (IA). The IA is exclusive to APC and has been designed to give you a strong indication as to whether you have the abilities and personal characteristics necessary to become an effective and content airline pilot.

The IA can be completed in your own home, at your own pace and once you have finished it you can expect a result in a couple of days. Once you receive your result, whether it is Not Ready, Almost Ready or Ready you will receive a Personal Development Plan in which you can set achievable goals with the help of APC. TO learn more about the Indicative Assessment, check out Mentour Pilot’s video below.

Member Benefits

When you are a full APC member you will enjoy great member benefits. We will continuously develop more and better benefits for you. Here are the current benefits that you will enjoy when you join Petter and Andy in The Club:

APC Training Pathway Guidance

  • IA support with Personal Development plan
  • Personal Dashboard where you can construct, amend, and sign off on your Development Plan progress (& lots more).
  • Access to powerful AON insurance policies
  • Free English language tuition focused on how to perform at an interview.
  • Free airline career guidance from experts in the industry.


APC Community

  • APCTV – an internal channel that will provide you with insights onto the Airline Pilot career and how to become one of those lucky people.
  • Access to a Discord channel where you will be able to interact with other people just like you and, even better, fully qualified Airline Pilots, who have made the journey from dreamer to living the dream. These Mentors will be able to help you and clarify any queries that you have.
  • Petter and Andy will run livestreams and webinars where you can interact with us. We will bring other great Airline Pilot career experts as guests and you will be able to ask them questions directly.

APC Discounts

We have negotiated on your behalf great discounts in areas that we know will be important to you. We will be working constantly to increase and improve these great discounts that will allow you to save money but still get access to great products.

APC Membership Options

When you have decided that APC is for you, check out which option works for you best.

Global Aviation and APC have combined to provide you with the best possible preparation and delivery of high-quality airline pilot training. Global Aviation have a proven track record as providers of high quality ATPL and APS MCC training.

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