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APS-MCC Enhanced MCC

  • Διάρκεια: 4 Weeks
  • Κόστος: € 6,000
APS-MCC Enhanced MCC
Περιγραφή Προγράμματος

APS-MCC is a complete course designed to train pilots to be proficient in multi-crew cooperation (MCC) to operate safely multi-pilot, multi-engine airplanes under IFR. The total duration of the course (theoretical and practical) is 4 weeks.

Προαπαιτούμενα για την εγγραφή του μαθητή

Pilot License with valid IR/SP/ME 

Δομή Προγράμματος

Theoretical Training: The theoretical training consists of all instructions given by the MCC instructor and includes lectures, tutorials, and long briefings. The MCC instructor endeavors each classroom lecture as interactive as possible by using a role-play for both the instructor and students. The theoretical material is illustrated by means of examples which can and do occur in normal line flight operations. The theoretical training is conducted in suitable, well-equipped classrooms and its duration is 25 hours.


Synthetic Flight Training: The practical training comprises 40 hours FNTP II synthetic flight instruction. The practical training sessions are conducted in 2 hours flying time as Pilot Flying (PF) and 2 hours flying time as Pilot Monitoring (PM), whereby the time as PF is completed from the right seat, as in the commercial aviation starts as an First Officer (FO) position. With this way, the student will acquire the needed experience for a possible follow-up type rating. The purpose of this course is to ensure that when operating in a multi crew environment, the Pilot in Command (PIC) will fulfil management and decision-making functions irrespective of being PF or Pilot non-Flying (PNF). Tasks like handling and controlling an airplane from the PF are clearly specified in the course structure. More to that, co-operation is affected in an orderly way, as well as mutual supervision, information and support between crew members are always carried out.