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Performance Based Navigation

Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Course is a single course, for IR holders.

  • Διάρκεια: 3 Days
  • Κόστος: € 1,400
Performance Based Navigation
Περιγραφή Προγράμματος

The main objective of the PBN course is the development of non-technical skills applicable to work in a PBN environment. It is assumed, that all students are familiar with Instrument flight rules, use of Jeppesen-Charts and basic operation of a dual engine aeroplane. The training will focus on teaching students the basics on the functioning of crew members as teams in a PBN environment.

Δομή Προγράμματος

Theoretical Training: The syllabus for the theoretical training as follows:

  • PBN principles, components, scope
  • RNAV & RNP
  • Specific RNAV&RNP functions
  • On board performance monitoring & alerting
  • Requirements of specific RNAV & RNP specifications
  • RNP approach 
  • FMS and general terms
  • GNSS


Flight Training: The Flight Training comprises on techniques required and used in order to conduct PBN IFR procedures, especially PBN approaches with:

  • LNAV minima
  • VNAV minima
  • Full Managed Guidance
  • Managed/Selected Guidance
  • With and without use of Autopilot (but always with the use of FD)